This Photo Captures The Moment A Pissed-Off Steelers Fan Threw Her Beer On The Photographer After Tracy Porter's Game-Ending INT

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Everyone, leave Syria, leave Afghanistan, the Pulitzer for breaking news photography is now a one-shot race. A 26-year-old Broncos fan named Greg Wilson took this photo of an angry Steelers fan at Mile High moments after Tracy Porter picked off Ben Roethlisberger to seal Denver's 31-19 victory. The splash was a culmination of what was already everyone's worst nightmare: an obnoxious Steelers fan sitting behind you.

Greg says she was a mess the entire game—maybe not drunk yet, but cursing and yelling the entire night, to the point where her voice started to crack. "She even yelled at her own player," he says. "When Max Starks went down injured, she was calling him a pussy and saying he gets hurt all the time because he's too fat."


"She finally blew her top when Porter iced the game," Greg continues. "The whole section, cheering, turned around to look at her, and she started waving middle fingers, throwing f-bombs. She yelled at me, 'You're ugly, at least I'm hot!' That's when I stated laughing and pulled my iPhone out to get a pic. She went nuts."

Her Bud Light, still half-full, got Greg right between the numbers, soaking his Demaryius Thomas jersey. The woman's boyfriend (not pictured) immediately grabbed her and hustled her out of the section.


My God, isn't it wonderful to have the NFL back in our lives? Week 1 isn't even over, and we've already got a timeless photo of fan butthurt. Even better, it's a Steelers fan who's probably never set foot in Pittsburgh in her life. Football never disappoints.