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This Promo For A 1989 Josh Brolin Movie Makes A Convincing Case Against Steroids, Short Shorts

In 1989, the Brolin men co-starred in a made-for-TV movie called Finish Line. We'd never heard of this film until a tipster sent along a link to the promo last week. It's worth watching the clip in its entirety, because as far as we can tell, it doesn't miss a single important moment from the movie itself (but it looks like you can still get the VHS for about five bucks on Amazon).


The plot: high school track phenom Glenn Shrevelow (Josh Brolin) is pushed to the limit by his demanding father, Martin (James Brolin) and turns to scary scary steroid drugs in order to win. He sacrifices a lot, including a romance with maybe investigative reporter Mariska Hargitay, according to the dramatique voice-over:

The desire for success can be greater than the desire to love... The desire to win, greater than the desire for life... In this hard and lonely world, there is no room for quitters... And Glenn Shrevelow is not about to quit.

Until... (spoiler!) it kills him.

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