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This Ref’s Exaggerated Traveling Call Is So Great

Syracuse beat UConn in the second game of the Jimmy V Classic last night. ‘Cuse dominated for pretty much the entire game, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t good highlights.

Specifically, there was a very good highlight from Ed Corbett Sr., a longtime ref who two years ago officiated a game with his son, Ed Jr. (Reffing runs in families.) After a travel by Mamadou Diarra—a good call—Corbett gave the most exaggerated traveling call I’ve ever seen. Let me isolate it for you.


Much like when an NFL ref throws his hat into the air, I just love this. Maybe he does this all the time and I’d just never noticed before. Even the guy in Row Z could tell it was traveling. He should keep it up.

h/t Dennis

Staff editor, Deadspin

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