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This Shameful Display Of Mass Injury-Faking Is The Pinnacle Of Diving

Here it is, soccer haters. If any of you needed that one crucial piece of evidence that the sport's players were a bunch of diving, playacting wimps, this video showing five Defensor Bolívar players faking injuries, forcing the ref to end the match eight minutes early, should be just what you've waited for.

Bolívar were facing Defensor la Bocana in the first leg of the Copa Perú semifinal. During the match, FC Floppers had two men sent off and were getting dusted, 4-1, when the players apparently caught a super-contagious form of cramps and started dropping like flies. The first of the afflicted falls at about the 3:20 mark, and the shameful display continues from there.

Once the ref realized that Bolívar had less than the required seven men on the field, he had to end the match. It's not exactly clear whether la Bocana's fifth goal, scored either just before or just after the ref abandoned the match, will stand.


We understand the impulse. Bolívar probably expected to be scored on at least a couple more times if things stood they way they were, so ending things ASAP would theoretically give them less of a mountain to climb than if the match went the full 90. But c'mon. You guys are some cowards.

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