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This Should Help Attract Free Agents

Here's something we don't have enough of in America: sports team owners who run prostitution rings. Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the Euroleague basketball champs CKSA Moscow, was arrested on suspicion of running a prostitution ring. Seven 20-year-old Russian women were also held for questioning. I'm sure they were just friends, though.

Actually, to refer to him as the owner of the CSKA basketball team would be a little bit misleading ... guy owns a lot of stuff. Forbes lists him as the 89th-richest guy in the world, and he owns a basketball team much like you or I own a lamp. He's worth $6.4 billion. He's sort of like the Russian Mark Cuban, except richer and sleazier. Say what you want about Cuban, but I don't think he's running hoes. They don't teach that that DSU.


What this billionaire Prokhorov fellow is doing mixed up with a prostitution ring, I couldn't tell you. I'd think that $6.4 billion would be plenty to pay Trajan Langdon's salary.

UPDATE: Prokhorov has been cleared of the chargers. "There is evidence he may have participated in a pimping ring, but the evidence isn't sufficient to charge him,'' said a judge.

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