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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Spanish Teen's Flop Makes A Strong Case That Diving Should Be Punishable By Death

Most dives are fine. Some dives are bad. But few dives are so egregious that you skip over the whole “Should the player get a yellow for that?” logic and instead head right to the barn for the pitchfork. Valencia youth teamer David Pascual pulled off one of those:

He’s just a kid, so he probably deserves a chance to make up for it. But maybe not.


Update [February 11th]: Well, this is awkward. Turns out, the kid wasn’t diving at all, and actually had just torn his ACL. Since they asked—

—I guess I should say it: I’m sorry for wishing death upon a kid I erroneously thought was diving. Get well soon, kid.

h/t Ian

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