This Sure Looks Like Ike Reese Passed Out At A Bar In Philly

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Either that, or he's just resting his eyes a bit while out on the town. Look alive, Ike!

The original photo, which was sent to us by a tipster known to frequent the bar where it was taken, looked like this. We brightened it up a bit to make sure that was Ike Reese in the image. And it is!

Reese, the former Eagles and Falcons linebacker, now hosts a midday sports-talk radio show in Philly. We know the photo was taken at the Pen & Pencil Club—the same journalists' club/after-hours joint where Pat Burrell was seen parading around shirtless last year before leaving behind his credit card—but we don't know for certain what night it was. From the looks of it, Ike probably doesn't know, either.