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This Tiger Woods Thanksgiving Night/Plastic Surgery Email Is Officially Out Of Control

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406-year-old former columnist Furman Bisher has kicked this goddamn Tiger email into overdrive. Even Perez Hilton is pushing it out there now. Take a look at how all of this started — and let's find the perpetrator, please.


The first email we received about it came in on Dec. 23rd from a reader named Brian with this intro, after I'd seen the email forwarded to another friend two days before:

This email comes from someone with ties to Tigers Islesworth gated community. Who knows the accuracy but it seems like a fairly reasonable theory except for the fact that his dumbass left his phone behind while playing poker.

Then came this reader named George soon after:

Hey AJ,
I got an email from a friend of mine who lives in Isleworth and is good friends with a colleague of Mark Steinberg, Tiger's agent. Anyways, he told me the real story about what happened that night at isleworth and why Tiger has not been seen in public since. It details exactly what happened that night, and is very different from the stories tmz and radaronline have been putting out. Especially with regards to why Tiger has been in hiding the past two weeks. It basically states that Elin confronted Tiger about a text and arguing escalated into some serious violence. Tiger was injured in the fight and had to have some work done, thus explaining why he didnt speak with the florida police and has not been photographed since. I'm a big fan of deadspin and I wanted to see if you would be interested in getting the story ahead of anyone else. I believe it is the closest thing to a true account of what happened that night and I feel like it could be a big break in this whole scandal. If your interested, email me back and we can discuss this further.


Drew forwarded along the one he received about that time as well:

you get this?

————— Forwarded message —————
From: Matt ****
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:51 PM
Subject: Another Tiger tale...
To: Drew Magary <****>

Can't be proven I guess, but this was sent to me by my uncle............

Subject: inside story on Tiger
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So we ran our little thing on the 23rd because, by that time, it seemed like obvious horseshit. But! Then came the people who have friends-of-friends who are "real" friends-of-friends who contend that my contention of the story's veracity was a little premature:

First, this guy, who went back and forth with me three times:

hi ajd...i don't have any proof. i was just curious how you could prove or
disprove this information. It's just speculation, nobody knows how much or
how little of it is true. To call it a hoax when you don't have any facts to
back it up is misleading as well.

what does forwarding it to that many people mean? i don't get it?

And then came this guy, who claimed to know a friend "inside the gates" who played in the alleged poker game but admitted some of the other details were sketchy:

This article is pretty close to the truth but, leaving out several details and a little bit of cover-up by certain people close to Tiger (ie. he was not at the country club but, at a close friends house playing poker, drinking and numerous other details about the hospital, plane, etc.) Tiger did not want this to come out because this may now be a prosecutable case by the state prosecutor of Florida for charges against Elin for domestic violence, aggravated assault and he wants to stay away from that media circus.

The trophies if anyone really knows Tiger are not at his house except for a few but, mostly at his cottage located by the country club. It is his trophy house lets say. Elin did visit there and upon one of Tiger's close personal friends going there to check on the place there was several things damaged but by who is not known, but Elin was there on the day after leaving the hospital.

The stuff about Tiger and Mr. Palmer is true to some sort, Tiger respects Mr. Palmer like a father figure and has had numerous talks with him in the last month.

Tiger's location did have some validity but, is not where he is located presently.

Seemed over. But then along came Bish. Here's Bish, btw:

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Bish's link triggered Fanhouse's link (which was quickly pulled down because they realized early on it was a fake) forwarded by a man named "Tim" who thought we should write about i:

One Account of What Happened to Tiger Woods

Over Thanksgiving

It's been a month since Tiger Woods, behind the wheel of his Cadillac

Escalade, took out a fire hydrant and crashed into a tree. And in that time,

mistresses numbering in the teens have come forward, his wife Elin has hired a

divorce lawyer, sponsors distanced themselves from the world's best golfer,

and everybody had a theory on what actually happened in Woods' Isleworth

home that Thanksgiving night.

Sheesh. Oversell!

Then "Inside Edition" came calling:

Hi AJ,

We're looking into the Tiger Woods emails. How were you able to prove they're hoax?

Any info is greatly appreciated.



Inside Edition

Fucking Bish!

Then Gawker started receiving emails and posted it. Here's one they received today:

We had family friends over last night, the husband is on the Tour with Tiger (and also a Top 40 money maker). What was posted in this article is almost identical to what the word is on the Tour. I think you should give a second thought to calling that letter a hoax, it sounds like the real deal.

What my friend said last night:

-Elin bashed him in the face with the same club she bashed the Caddy windows in with, knocking out two of Tiger's teeth.

-Tiger went straight from the hospital to a private jet, where he was flown to Phoenix to see one of the best maxillofacial surgeons in the country. This was all arranged by his agent, Mark Steinberg. This is why he didn't speak to the cops; he wasn't in town following the incident.

-There will be small but visible scars around his mouth when (if?) Tiger comes back, which the cameras will almost certainly be able to pick up.

-Tiger is staying at a friend's house in Bay Hill, hitting balls at night

-Tiger is in marriage counseling with Elin for 6-8 hours a day, and is also being counseled by Palmer, a known "skirt-chaser" during his days on Tour.

I'm surprised that this got posted today, but your post is nearly identical to what my friend has heard. He was surprised at all of this, saying that Tiger seemed like such a simple and non-flashy type of guy.

I'm happy to answer any additional questions you might have in order to verify my story, but it's the truth.


Thanks, Dave. I wonder if his family friend who is on tour knows the same guy who knows the guy who plays golf with Steinberg who lives in Isleworth (10 houses down) from Tiger. This is all just a mess.


And then magically on cue, just when the plausibility of the email strain is called into question by many people, my dad sends along this long-ass AOL-riddled strain he received from his golf buddies today. This person claims to be a "friend of Mark Steinberg," naturally. I wonder if he knows Dave?

aj,may be interesting or bull.let me know about

—- On Tue, 12/29/09, larry*** wrote:

From: la***
Subject: Fwd: Tiger
To: albert****, ra****, tim****
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 9:45 AM

————— Forwarded message —————
From: PETE ****
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 16:00:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Fwd: Tiger

—- On Mon, 12/28/09, dooley*** wrote:

From: d**** <****>
Subject: Fwd: Tiger
To: ***, ****, Thomas****, tmk****, M****
Date: Monday, December 28, 2009, 2:41 PM

——-Original Message——-
From: Carl U*** <****@****.com>
To: Carl ******
Sent: Sat, Dec 26, 2009 11:09 am
Subject: FW: Tiger


> A buddy of mine
> who is good friends with Mark Steinberg. Tigers
> agent. Who knows
> what to believe anymore, but this is interesting.


Once it's in my father's hands, it can't be good. He's still waiting for a check from Microsoft. So seriously — I'd love to find out the genesis of this. Please forward along the earliest ones you've received before December 23rd. Somebody call, please.