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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Video Of Manny Ramirez's Latest Home Run Is Amazing In Every Way

Manny Ramirez today hit his third home run of the season for the EDA Rhinos, tying him for the league lead in the CPBL. But that's beside the point. You've got to see and hear this latest Manny blast to fully appreciate it.


From the "We Are Family"-era Pirates color scheme of the team in the field to the delirious crowd to the text vertically going up the left side of the screen to the announcer's exuberant call to Manny slooooooooowly rounding the bases, we're officially eager to watch footage of every home run he hits this year.


Update: Also, as numerous commenters are pointing out, it looks like Manny (1:25 mark) may not have touched home plate.

[Manny Does Taiwan, via Hardball Talk]

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