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This Was The Only Positive For Nigeria In The Basketball Game They Just Lost To The U.S. By 83 Points

The final was 156-73, and as we watched the end of it here in the Deadspin office, we kept marveling at how Andre Iguodala, James Harden, Deron Williams, and Kevin Love kept chucking three-pointers in the final minutes. It was as if the U.S. would lose if it didn't win by 70.

The 156 points obliterated the Olympic single-game record of 138 set by Brazil in 1988. The U.S. also connected on more three-pointers (29) than the Nigerians made field goals (28). And Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 37 points (13-for-16 from the field, 10-for-12 beyond the arc) in just 14 minutes. But fuck all that. The highlight was Nigeria's Tony Skinn, who played on George Mason's 2006 Final Four team, breaking Harden's ankles and sinking a three. So that's what we're showing you.

Video by Tim Burke.

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