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This Water Bottle Flip Is The Best Damn Thing I've Seen In A Long Long Time

Might want to put down a tarp now, because your shit is going to fly everywhere after you watch this:


You’re probably thinking now, what the hell did I just watch? That’s OK, that’s a normal reaction; you’re just in shock.

Take a few deep breaths and watch it again.

Mike Senatore, a senior at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, N.C., blew the roof off his school talent competition yesterday with the truly incomprehensible performance you just witnessed and are still recovering from. (On the sign-up sheet, his talent was listed as “battle flipping,” which is maybe a typo but I hope not.)

Mike (whose Twitter banner is, naturally, an action shot of The Flip) and his friends are taking a well-deserved victory lap.


The motherfucking table! That’s the table!

Last year, research done by the Population Reference Bureau estimated that slightly more than 100 billion people have ever died. Give some thanks that you, against all odds, were alive to see this moment.


Hold on to your butts, here’s the thing again:


Miracles are real. Sometimes teens are good.

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