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Flip Video
The Flip Video is a digital video camcorder created by Pure Digital Technologies. Variants include the Flip Ultra, the Flip Ultra HD, the Flip Video Mino, and the Flip Video Mino HD. Join Gilt Man today!

American Apparel
Dov Charney, founder and Chief Executive Officer of American Apparel, a leading basics brand for people of all ages, is one of fashion's leading innovators. Join Gilt Man today!


Jack Spade
Launched from a warehouse loft in downtown New York in 1996, Andy Spade and his wife, fellow designer Kate, created Jack Spade, a line of utilitarian but stylish bags for men. Constructed from waxwear fabrics and heavy canvases, Jack Spade bags took on straightforward shapes that made functionality their top priority. Functional design was so important to the Spades, in fact, that they sold their first bags in hardware stores to get feedback about how people really use utility bags. The idea worked, and today Jack Spade bags are known for their honest, thoughtful designs built with a practical purpose. Join Gilt Man today!

This is not your grandfather's Penguin. Launched in Minneapolis in 1955 by Munsingwear - an underwear and military supply company - the Original Penguin golf shirt became an icon of suburban leisure for the Bing Crosby set. Fifty years later, young urbanites in the throes of the retro fashion rage began trolling thrift stores for Pete the Penguin gold. In response to this fresh demand, designer Chris Kolbe relaunched the brand, now under the Perry Ellis umbrella, in 2003. Today's comprehensive lineup includes the much-heralded piped placket shirt along with swimwear, footwear, watches, eyewear and ties. Join Gilt Man today!


Gordon Rush
Inspired by the clean lines of modern industrial design and Asian architecture, Gordon Rush creates footwear with a worldly, refined sensibility. Effortlessly masculine and clean-lined, his styles push back against the move toward casualness. Rush saw the gap between stodgy American styles and too-trendy Euro looks, and fills it perfectly, with sophisticated versions of everything from cowboy boots to sleek oxfords, all bold yet timeless - which is key, considering how they're built to last. Now that he's branched out into belts, wallets and jackets, it's truly Gordon Rush's world. Join Gilt Man today!