This week in The Ladies Room: Megan Rapinoe

The USWNT star sits down to talk equal pay, LFG, and how she shuts out the haters

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In our latest episode, hosts Jane McManus and Julie DiCaro sit down with USWNT and NWSL superstar Megan Rapinoe to talk about the ongoing fight for equal pay, how brands have responded to her being unapologetically herself, heading to Tokyo, and shutting out the haters when the Hater-in-Chief lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Plus, we chat about the outstanding new HBO USWNT doc “Let’s F*cking Go.” And are brands evolving as quickly on social issues as they should?

Then Jane and Julie talk discuss the latest development in fair pay for college athletes and console each other over a day that gave us graphic sexual assault allegations against the Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer, Bill Cosby’s release from prison due to prosecutorial misconduct, and the Portland Trailblazers farcical “investigations” into Chauncey Billups’ past. Not a great day for women or sexual assault victims.

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