Here we have Julie Pritchett, a former middle school special-ed teacher in sleepy Trussville, Alabama, whose love of young men playing baseball extends beyond the diamond, and into her pants.

According to Alabama police, Mrs. Pritchett seduced and had sex with 8 boys on the Chalkville High School baseball team. So far, she's only been charged with two counts of sodomy (some of the boys she boinked were over the age of consent) and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Trussville residents, of course, are outraged. Especially sub sandwich shop owner, Wendy Franklin, whose son is headed into 10th grade next year:

They're just outraged because this place is so little you wouldn't think that something like that would happen up here. I think they [older ladies who fornicate with young boys] ought to be put away, if they did do it. I don't believe in that. It's just almost as bad as murdering, cause you're taking a child's innocence."

Almost as bad as "murdering", but not quite. But given the size and seemingly voracious sexual appetite of this woman, her actions could constitute dick murdering in some states.


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