Thomas Davis Dislocated His Finger Avoiding A Block, Popped It Back In, Then Made The Tackle

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In last Sunday’s game between the Panthers and Seahawks, Carolina LB Thomas Davis did a very tough, gross thing.

While olé-ing an attempted block from Seattle guard J.R. Sweezy on a screen pass to Marshawn Lynch, Davis’s finger popped out of joint. So he promptly jammed it back in, just in time to bring down Lynch.


NFL Films caught it all, naturally:


Davis was asked about the play and his self-correction at media availability today. Via Black and Blue Review:

So that video is starting to make the rounds. Didn’t think anything of it at the time?

“No big deal. My finger came out of place enough times. Probably the worst one was a few years ago in Miami, so this little thing right here was not that serious. In Miami, the bone came through the skin and I had to deal with that. It was in the heat of the battle, man. The game’s on the line, they threw a screen play, it was a natural reaction. Pop it back in place, keep going.”

How many times have you done something like that?

“I’ve probably dislocated this finger this year probably about five or six times.”

So you just pop it back in?

“What am I going do, go to the sideline and talk to the trainers about a finger? I can do the same thing they’re going to do. Pop it back in place, tape it up and keep moving. Game on the line, I’ve to stay on the field.”


I stubbed my toe on the door leaving my apartment this morning, and had to go back and sit on the bed for five minutes before I could get on with my day.

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