Those Super Bowl Sniper Photos Are Real

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Yesterday we posted photos of what appeared to be a sniper's nest in Lucas Oil Field, home of the Super Bowl, but were at a loss for the pictures' provenance. They're real, and they're basically an ad for the tripod.

According to Business Insider, the photos were taken by a ranking member of the Indianpolis SWAT team, and obtained by Alamo Four Star, maker of the tripod. Alamo, in turn, shared the photos with weapons and gear supplier U.S. Tactical Supply, who posted the photos on their Facebook page with this caveat:

The stadium was not yet open when the pics were taken and the rifle never had a round in it that day. ONLY Binoculars were used for observation during the game and NOT the rifle!! It was only put into position to get the pictures of the form fit and function of the DCLW Tripod.


Oh, and for those concerned with such matters, that's a custom Remington M700 in an XLR chassis, with a U.S. Optics scope and mounted on an Alamo Four Star DCLW tripod.