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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Three Arkansas Football Players Charged With Burglary In Harebrained Scam For The Ages

Illustration for article titled Three Arkansas Football Players Charged With Burglary In Harebrained Scam For The Ages

The hits just keep coming for the Jeff Long and the Razorbacks athletic department. CBS's Eye On College Football reports that Razorbacks wide receivers Maudrecus Humphrey, Marquel Wade and tight end Andrew Peterson were arrested today and charged with residential burglary.


The burglaries allegedly took place over the course of a week and involved 10 separate reports of stolen items in Arkansas dormitories. The three players would steal books (among other items) and sell them back to the bookstore. If the returns at the Arkansas bookstore are anything like they were at my school, these guys are going to have a tough time in life if they can't play football. And yes, they've been suspended indefinitely.

UAPD responded to a call regarding a residential burglary from a dorm room on May 1. The female victim started she had a laptop stolen from her unlocked room, according to the report.

Over the next seven days, UAPD took a total of 10 reports from the Northwest Quad buildings. Items stolen from rooms included textbooks, laptops, cash and DVDs. The stolen items totaled $4,817.

UAPD reviewed video from the locations, according to the report. Three suspects identified as Peterson, Humphrey and Wade walked through hallways, checked doors and entered rooms.

A clerk in the Campus Bookstore later identified Peterson, Humphrey and Wade as having been in the store "multiple times" selling textbooks.


That is now six arrests for the program this off-season. That obviously doesn't include all that other stuff.

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