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Three Faces Of Boston Fandom

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It was a big day for Boston sports yesterday, but no one enjoyed it more than these three people. Our first Beantown superfan was spotted at Fenway last night wearing a Celtics jersey on top of Bruins sweater, capped off with a Red Sox hat. He left the red, white and blue Patriots Zubaz at home, because that would have been just tacky. Then there's this spaztastic kid who I'm sure will not at all grow up to be the world's first serial killer named Sully. And finally, there's the young Orlando Magic fan who must have been absolutely thrilled to have courtside seats so close that he could reach out and touch the players—or have them reach out and shove him aside after ripping his heart out with a last-second game-winner. Two out of three ain't bad, I guess.


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Hope you enjoyed the weekend, because it's dead to you now. Here we go ....

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