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Throwing The Book At Greg Gall

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Some more news from our old friend Greg Gall, the guy who has spent an inordinate amount of time drinking with Deadspin readers. (By the way, we will be in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving week, so Greg, hey, drop us a line, we'll chat.) Ordinarily, when American Heroes like Gall bolt onto the field, they get the proverbial wrist-slap, a little probation here, a little fine there, maybe some alcohol counseling, no problems.


But for whatever reason, they're going after Gall hard. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters wants to make an example of Gall, recommending to a judge that Gall should receive at least 30 days in jail. "I feel very strongly about this," Deters says "We need to hold people personally responsible for this type of behavior."

We understand Deters' mindset, but let's face it: As long as people like Gall are actually funny, there will always be copycats. And yes: People like Gall are definitely funny. For better or worse.

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