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Okay, so maybe Munson's death in a 1979 plane was one of the more horrible tragedies in sports. But at least he never had to DH!

Today's taste-stretching column comes courtesy of the New York Daily News's Filip Bondy. Everyone, say hi to Filip — that's him, on his way out of the yard.


In an otherwise innocuous piece on Jorge Posada transitioning to designated hitter, Bondy makes an aside about the supposed affront that DHing represents to a once-skilled fielder.

The DH may forever represent an unwanted demotion for older sluggers - Matsui, too, felt that way - but it is the fate of almost everyone, if they're good enough to hang around. Thurman Munson was spared this indignity, in tragic fashion, dying at age 32.

So, to recap. Matsui, who's made eight figures a year since he became a fulltime DH: dishonored. Munson, who left behind a wife and three young children: got off easy.

If you'd like to dispute this point with Bondy, he helpfully posts his Netscape email address at the end of each column.


Jorge Posada greets DH role in New York Yankees' lineup with tough glove [NYDN]

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