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Tiki Barber's Young Girlfriend Pens Icky Memoir, Promptly Called Homewrecking Whore

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Two days ago, published an odd story written by Traci Johnson, the young blonde thing Tiki took up with after he separated from his pregnant wife (so he says). Readers were not impressed.


Traci sounds like any other dizzy 20-something with a limited perspective of the world, as she spouts off about how tough her relationship was once the tabloids found out about it. But now she's confident enough to tell the world how incredibly happy she and Tiki are cuddling at home watching Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (she actually says this). Of course, there are some bitter old wenches in the comments section at Crushable who were not going to let Traci (with an i!) publish her MASH note without being reminded of how young and stupid she is. Unleash the fury, girls:

Dear Traci, by the tone of your memior, are we supposed to feel sorry for you? While you and Tiki are out enjoying pub food and reading books in bed, you have left beautiful Ginny to care for newborn twins. You are pathetic and disgusting and a liar.

This woman would never have given Tiki the time of day if he wasn't famous.
Do you really think she would date a regular black guy?
The only reason her family accepts the adultery is because he's famous.
Of course not at the level of fame that would have given this whore the cover of US Weekly, People, or In Touch. Obviously she's on the low end of the whore pole.

Do you really want us to believe that you thought he was separated?
Hello Moron! If he was separated or divorced from his wife, the papers would have put a little blurb in page six.

You're a homewrecking whore/slut!

You are truly delusional. pathetic. an embarrassment. vile!!! To even allow yourself to be with a man who walked out on his wife & child WHILE she was pregnant with twins…to have the audacity to prance around NYC with him hand in hand with zero regard to her is astonishing!! As a woman, who I'm sure would be devastated if put in the same situation, HOW can you think that's ok?? Clearly your standard for what you look for in a man is low bc he's a real winner *sarcasm*

But I wish you well in your relationship– I hope you never have to experience the embarrassment his wife must feel or the pain of knowing that while she's raising their beautiful kids, he'd rather be "cozy" with you in your apartment reading books & staying up late!


If only this story was published on MediaTakeout instead. She would have been called "ashy."



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