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Tim Donaghy Has Found A Publisher

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The former NBA referee's memoir, quashed by Random House under pressure from the NBA, has found a home with VTi-Group, a media company based in Tampa. The book is now called Personal Foul and will be out by Christmas.


Donaghy's also about to embark on what sounds like a media barnstorming tour. The press release:

Tim Donaghy's memoir on his life as a former NBA referee and his basketball gambling has undergone a title change and a new publisher with the VTi-Group, a traditional and online media company based in Tampa Bay.

The book, now titled "Personal Foul: A First-Person Account of the Scandal That Rocked the NBA" is set to be pre-released to select outlets on Friday, December 4th and will be available in book stores nationwide for Christmas.

Tim Donaghy was interviewed by 60 Minutes for an episode that will air this Sunday the 6th. The interview and the book will finally answer many of the questions about his gambling, the NBA games that were affected and the involvement with the New York Mafia.


I don't know much about VTi-Group, other than that its CEO is Shawna Vercher, a Huffington Post contributor who says she's worked with President Obama, Jeb Bush, the Department of Homeland Security and the NFL. (Elsewhere, she's described VTi as "a web media company that that focuses on viral publicity and social media strategy.") I do know this: Pretty soon, David Stern will have to get in front of a camera and patronize us all over again.

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