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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Tim Duncan Smoothly Gives Fan The Finger In Most Boring And Fundamentally Sound Athlete Meltdown Ever

First, let's get this out of the way: Don't whip our your camera and film athletes when you see them in person. Like the woman who sent this video to us. She was at the CVS on Chase Hill Blvd. in northwestern San Antonio on Friday, heard Tim Duncan was in the store, and returned to her car to wait for him. She would have been much better off asking for an autograph or to shake his hand, and if he said no, he's more than entitled to his privacy.


But can we talk about that bird? (At the 13-second mark.) Classic Duncan. The woman was sitting inside her car and never said a thing to him, but his preternatural spatial awareness told him she was there. And the finger itself, a masterpiece of efficiency. A quick, easy up-and-under with zero wasted motion, using the glass like the future Hall of Famer has been doing his whole career. It's fantastic that this is how Tim Duncan blows up in public—polite and unobtrusive. He's The Onion's Tim Duncan brought to life.

The woman who sent this in is concerned that Duncan, whose charitable foundation aids underprivileged youth, is "setting a bad example for the kids." But if you were teaching kids at the YMCA how to properly flip someone off, this is the video you'd show them.