Tim McCarver: Yankees Front Office Takes After Nazi, Communist Propagandists

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Tim McCarver apparently thinks there's a Yankees campaign to remove Joe Torre's Bronx contributions from the annals of history. So, in the fourth inning of Saturday's game against the Rays on Fox, he went all Tim Kampf on viewers.

Here's the money quote transcribed from Youtubed recordings of the game ...

You remember some of those despotic leaders in World War II, primarily in Russia and Germany, where they used to take those pictures that they had ... taken of former generals who were no longer alive, they had shot 'em. They would airbrush the pictures, and airbrushed the generals out of the pictures. In a sense, that's what the Yankees have done with Joe Torre. They have airbrushed his legacy. I mean, there's no sign of Joe Torre at the stadium. And, that's ridiculous. I don't understand it.


Um, ok then. From what I hear, there are visual representations of the current Dodgers manager in pinstripes at the new stadium. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I even saw one when I was there for the Cubs/Yanks preseason tussle.) That matters not. This does: Loathe them as I might, I wouldn't go so far as to equate them to the propaganda arm of a genocidal machine. Apparently, McCarver disagrees. See for yourself (unless Fox has already called copyright shenanigans)...

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