Tim Tebow Closer To Sainthood After Healing Sick Fan For Second Confirmed Miracle [Update]

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Let me tell you the story of Saint Timothy of Gainesville.

On June 27, Tim Tebow resurrected a dead man on an airplane. On this day, October 11, Tim Tebow performed his second miracle. While signing autographs for fans at the Arizona Fall League (where Tebow is an alleged minor league baseball player) a fan was stricken by a seizure.

Tebow proceeded to lay hands on the fan. He recovered. Tipster Luis tells us that Tebow stuck around for half an hour for help to arrive, then insisted that they update him on the man’s condition. This apparently made the rest of the team late, but miracles are not without collateral damage.

Luis also sends a short video of Tebow concernedly monitoring the fan’s condition.

If this evidence doesn’t sway you, perhaps this touching image will.


Incredible. Canonization into the Catholic Church requires two verified miracles, so Tebow’s good here. Thornier issues like his family’s missionary work to convert Catholics in the Phillipines may get in the way, but the miracles are the hard part anyway.

Also hard: avoiding walls.


Update, 11:06 p.m. EDT: Here’s Tebow doing his prayer.