Tim Tebow Is Like The Son (Of God) Thom Brennaman Never Had

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Did you hear the Good News? Tim Tebow won his second National Championship using grit, determination, four kinds of leadership and a form of mind control that he learned while uniting the Philippines.

According to Fox announcer Thom Brennaman—and if you don't agree with him, you must be some kind of deranged lunatic—Tim Tebow just may be the finest human being to ever live on this planet or any other. If fact, Thom Brennaman himself felt like little more than a puny insignificant speck in the fearful presence of Tim Tebow's greatness. Of course, Tim Tebow is made of such generous spirit and delicious candy that he cured Brennaman of his fear (and his adult acne), making him feel completely at ease and joyful simply by performing a Gator chomp with Tebow-esque hands.

Yes, it was Tim Tebow who healed fellow teammate Percy Harvin's ankle and then willed him to 122 yards rushing on nine carries. It was Tim Tebow's idea to deny Sooner running Chris Brown at the goal line on fourth down. I'm pretty sure he used some sort of levitation magic to keep Sam Bradford's pass bouncing in the air long enough for Major Wright to intercept it. It was his hand that reached down from the heavens to block a 49-yard field goal attempt late in the third quarter. And, despite letting Oklahoma stay in game out of compassion and sportsmanship, it was Tim Tebow who leapt over an Oklahoma wide receiver to snatch away an fourth-quarter interception and turn the game in the Gators favor. (Wait, that was Ahmad Black. Funny that the game story didn't mention that, but I'm sure it was the revelation of Tim Tebow perfect bone structure that encouraged Black to do it.)

Yes, Tim Tebow threw two interceptions of his own, but that was just pure unadulterated leadership. I, for one, feel like a better person for simply having watched that football game last night. He makes me want to be a better football fan.


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