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Tim Tebow's Flesh And Bat Faileth

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Last time we checked in on future Mets superstar Tim Tebow he was struggling mightily down at triple-A, slashing .156/.239/.227 in 128 at-bats and striking out against a position player. The bad news is, Tebow is now all sliced up and injured; the worse news is, he evidently still can’t figure out how to put his batting helmet on in such a way that it doesn’t cover his eyeballs.

The Syracuse Mets placed Tebow on the injured list Tuesday with a left hand laceration after he managed to shred his throwing hand while fielding a ball in the outfield on Sunday. The cut reportedly required eight stitches, and Syracuse manager Tony DeFrancesco told that there’s no timetable for his return. In a drearily familiar-sounding moment of Mets injury confusion, DeFrancesco was unable to pin down exactly where on the hand Tebow was cut.

“He’ll be out for as long as it takes to heal, get back on track,” DeFrancesco said Tuesday. “It’s just kind of in an awkward spot between his index finger, his ring finger and pinkie.”


One spot known to be between the index finger, the ring finger, and the pinky finger, is the middle finger. Also there’s the palm. Look it up!

Safe the say the Mets will not miss Tebow’s plate production. He’s up to 239 at-bats in 77 games at triple-A, and is now slashing .163/.240/.255 on the season, with a ghastly 98 strikeouts. It appears his ascent to the middle of New York’s major league lineup will have to wait just a little while longer.

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