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Tim Tebow's Promise Will Outlast Us All

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We lost this in the March Madness shuffle, but it must not go unmentioned that Tim Tebow's immortal pledge has finally been consecrated in stone. So it is written, so it has been done.

A plaque has been affixed to the football building on the Florida campus, bearing an inscription titled, "The Promise." This simple piece of stainless steel holds the text of Tim Tebow's famous speech following the Gators' loss to Mississippi back in September of last season. You know, the speech that earned Tebow the Oscar for Best Guts. The monument will stand as an eternal testament to Earth's greatest human and 500,000 years from now, when alien archeologists dig up this everlasting tribute from the watery ruins of our failed civilization, even they will understand the true meaning of perseverance and fortitude. Then they will use the inscription to reanimate Tebow's corpse so it may lead them to win the GCS (Galatic Championship Series) title game. Yes, there is still no playoff.

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