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Time For Another Dee Mirich Poetry Jam

Of course we've all known for some time that Barbaro and God are pals. When the valiant racehorse went to his great reward in early 2007, we were told that God himself was waiting for him in Heaven with with a basket of delicious apples. But we never saw the big picture; it's more than that. Barbaro IS God. This startling revelation comes to us in the latest poem by Barbaro superfan Dee Mirich (you'll be glad to know that she's currently producing some of her finest work ever). Witness:


"In Rainbows"

From God's Loving Heart
Beautiful Visions
Beautiful Creations
God's Wonders
His Artistry
So Very Beautiful Angels Here
Love That Keeps Us Warm
Angel Blossoms
Flowers Blooming So Beautifully
The Beach
The Horse In The Sea
The Sea Of Tranquility
Calming Waters
Divine Healing
The Signs Of Inspiration
In Spirit
Tuning In To God
God Brings Comfort
God Brings The Rainbows
It Is Barbaro
His Halo Is Glowing
All The Beautiful Colors
His Wings Of Love
The Wing Is A Rainbow........

Believing Makes It So........It Is Love........
Love Is A Rainbow........8........Halos........
All Spiritual........


Posted by: Dee Mirich at January 3, 2008 6:33 PM

Notice these words: "Tuning In To God. God Brings Comfort. God Brings The Rainbows. It Is Barbaro. His Halo Is Glowing."


It's all so clear ... like unlocking the DaVinci Code. Or as Will famously wrote, it's so comforting to know that when we die, we can ride Barbaro, and thus we won't be late for appointments. More Mirich wisdom:

• All, All Beautiful Glowing Rainbows Sending To Angel Joan Roya. I Love You So A Lot So. So All, All Precious Bart. I Love You So A Lot So Angel Laurie H. Affirmed. Posted by: Dee Mirich at January 3, 2008 6:17 PM


• Tamir With Barbaro At The Rainbow Bridge. All, All Love. Affirmed. Posted by: Dee Mirich at January 3, 2008 6:20 PM

• All, All Beautiful Glowing Rainbows To Cigar. God's So All Beautiful Angel. Time To Bring The Donuts......... Halos........ Affirmed. Posted by: Dee Mirich at January 4, 2008 1:34 AM


Also, I'm pretty sure that it's not too late to still get in on the Tribute to Barbaro Memorial Hay Wagon Ride, details to be found over at Alex Brown Racing. What better way to honor our 2006 SHOTY winner than by riding in a horse-drawn conveyance while relaxing in the comfort of hay?

And don't forget to bring the donuts.


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(Ed. Note: By the way, Radiohead's lawyer is on the phone, Dee.)

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