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Time To Party With The 49ers And Cardinals

Only a couple of hours or so until Leitch's Arizona Buzzsaw square off against my San Francisco Forty-Niners, and the big question remains: Who will be the first tonight to remove his pants inappropriately, Matt Leinart or Mike Singletary? Judging from the photo, Matt gets the presumptive nod, especially since our new 49ers coach has promised not to unbuckle for the remainder of the season. Hide your daughters, citizens of Glendale. When it comes to the NFL, Will and I have the most dysfunctional rivalry ever. Some our our typical trash talk: ME: The Cardinals play the 49ers tonight. WILL: Your team will win, of course. ME: Not likely. We have no cornerbacks, and our only kicker has gout. WILL: (Curls into fetal position). ME: Weeps. As Niners Nation points out, this is actually an important game for Singletary. Even though he's been the head coach for two games, it was really still Mike Nolan's team before now. But now in game 3, with the team at 2-6, it's really Singletary's. Will there be a chance that we'll see him at the helm next year, or will it be, like, Mike Holmgren? Tonight will go a long way toward deciding that. As always, thanks for your contiuned patronage of Deadspin and its sister blog, Bloody Elbow. And thanks for all the death threats which ended in "with regards,". That was a classy touch.


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