Timofey Mozgov Hit First Cleveland Three-Pointer

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Timofey Mozgov is strongest, also largest. Mozgov dunk; Mozgov rebound; Mozgov block shot. But Mozgov is not oaf! Mozgov have skill. Mozgov shoot three!

Mozgov never make three-pointer for people of Cleveland before. But Mozgov work on shot all summer. At practice gym, in Mother Russia, at Sky Zone—everywhere, Mozgov practice form. Mozgov have pretty good stroke! Every game, Mozgov is waiting for chance to show skill. Finally Mozgov get chance, make Pacers pay for leaving him open!


Now defenders fear three-pointer, stick close to Mozgov. Now Mozgov stretch floor, make lane for LeBron. Mozgov is flashing game in all areas of court! Давайте выпьем за успех нашего дела! Eastern Conference shit out of luck.

Video via NBA, top image via screencap

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