Titus Young Will Take A Nap In Your AT&T Store

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Titus Young isn't the kind of player to flame out in half-assed fashion. Oh no no no, when the man goes full turd, he REALLY goes full turd. And now here's a story from reader Ryan Randolph in which Titus Sr. takes his career immolation to another level by doing the whole Reese Witherspoon bit:

Living in The Detroit suburbs and working for AT&T I would regularly get Lions players in my store. One of particular note was Titus Young. One night he came up after we had closed and started banging on the door. We couldn't unlock the doors because of policy, but he proceeded to hold up his driver's license to the window and say, "Do you know who I am?? I'm Titus Young". We ignored him.

The next day he came back during business hours and started yelling that we wouldn't let him in. He also demanded everything in the store should have been given to him for free. He had his sister with him who seemed like his assistant at the time. She was extremely professional and nice, almost like a parent trying to keep their child in line. After his sister took over dealing with us, Titus fell asleep on the bench and started snoring extremely loud in front of the other customers and employees. [...]

A picture of Titus snoring is attached. Enjoy!


Rest up, Titus. You've had yourself a long week.