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To Minnesota Weatherman, A Tornado Warning Was More Important Than Angry Calls From Soccer Fans

Here's what tipster B. Hurley sent in to explain why soccer fans in the Greater Twin Cities region are so pissed off at their local Fox affiliate's "meteorologist" for interfering with the UEFA Champions League final yesterday:

The Twin Cities FOX affiliate reduced the whole second half of the CL final to a small box without sound to cover a rainstorm in the farmland south of the cities. Then they went on air to speak down to the fans who were trying to let them know how important this game actually is. These guys are douchebags!

Quite frankly, listening to Tim Blotz's assmouthed retort about "cheesing us off" confirms B. Hurley's assertion. And quite frankly, they could've done the weather in a small box. But whatever. The only problem we have with weathermen in Philly is them getting roofied when they do shot.


Fox 9 [Facebook]

Tim Blotz [MyFox9]

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