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If you'll excuse our end-of-day dip into our other obsession, the Iowa caucuses are tonight. After our reading tonight, we're heading home to watch the results pour in. The Iowa caucus is like the BCS, but somehow makes less sense. We love America!

We thought we'd take a moment and find some prominent sports figures who contributed money to each of the major candidates. This is unscientific, but just what we could dig up. So ... for fun ...



Rudy Giuliani: George Steinbrenner, Brian France, Jeff Gordon, Kiki Van De Weghe, John Elway, Alex Rodriguez, Fran Tarkenton.

John McCain: Roger Goodell, Jerry Reinsdorf, Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, George Bodenheimer, Lute Olson.

Ron Paul: Wrestling "superstar" Kane.

Mitt Romney: Robert Kraft, Vin Scully.

Fred Thompson: Peyton Manning.


Hillary Clinton: David Stern, Bob Bowman, Rodney Peete, Maloof Brothers, James Dolan, Jeffrey Lurie.

Chris Dodd: Bud Selig, Dick Ebersol, Robert DuPuy, George Bodenheimer, Jim Calhoun.

John Edwards: Scott Boras.

Barack Obama: Juanita Jordan, Jerry Reinsdorf, John Papenek, Desmond Howard, Scoop Jackson, Billy King, Stephon Marbury, Emmitt Smith, Phil Jackson.


We will certainly enjoy this more than we will the Orange Bowl tonight.

(Thanks to Rick Chandler for his help with this.)


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