Sports News Without Access, Favor, Or Discretion

An occasional series in which we document — and evaluate — the sports media's pained efforts to call the sexually undeclared figure skater gay without quite calling him gay.

Euphemist: Vancouver Sun
Choice descriptions: "eccentric ... that small and sparkly subculture ... sequins and chiffon and tied with a pink corset ... his Shetland-Arabian pony, My Blue Shadow ... flamboyant, outspoken ... an aspiring fashion designer ... listens to Lady Gaga and Edith Piaf"


Euphemist: Stephanie Myles, Montreal Gazette
Choice descriptions: "scented candles, decorative pillows and an Audrey Hepburn poster"

Euphemist:Rachel Bachman, The Oregonian
Choice descriptions: "ranks first in flamboyant, fur-trimmed costumes ... the man with whom you'd want to sip a peach daiquiri"

Euphemist: Lori Ewing, Canadian Press
Choice descriptions: "flamboyant black translucent corset-like suit adorned with pink lacing ... black, heart-shaped pillow with his name embroidered in pink"

Euphemist: Jeff Wise, Psychology Today
Choice descriptions: "flamboyant performer ... dazzled"


Euphemist: Tom Shales, Washington Post
Choice description: "his flamboyant (even for ice skating) outfits"

Euphemist: Howard Berkes, NPR
Choice description: "flamboyantly dressed"

Euphemist: Bob Condotta, The Seattle Times
Choice description: "flamboyant personality"


Euphemist: E.M. Swift,
Choice description: "making flamboyant statements"

Euphemist: Neil Midgley, The Daily Telegraph
Choice description: "the –- how shall I put this –- expressive and flamboyant American skater"


Euphemist: Agence France-Presse
Choice descriptions: "Costumes extravagants et comportement flamboyant"

Euphemist: Radio Télévision Belge Francophone
Choice description: "Le flamboyant Américain"


Euphemist: Brian Costello, New York Post
Choice descriptions: "Flamboyant American ... with his flamboyant ways"

Euphemist: Ken MacQueen, Macleans
Choice descriptions: "flamboyant [headline] ... flamboyantly flamboyant"


Flamboyometer: Rating the euphemisms (on a scale of 1 to 5 high-stepping Liberaces)

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