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Today In Intra-Media Twitter Spats

Jason Whitlock of (@whitlockjason) started it with a Tweet stating, "NFL media, which I am one, scared lockout is damaging their profile. They're panicking and trying to create hysteria (clicks). Too invested." Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio (@profootballtalk) wasn't about to let that pass unaddressed. So, he used about 100 characters to state, "... So, basically, millionaire journalists like you should protect themselves by covering every sport?"

'Twas on from there. People who don't make millions of dollars covering football or every sport are chiming in on, and tipstering about, what must be a very boring Saturday from sea to shining sea. Side note to the editors of America: Please give football writers some assignments to get their minds away from the emptiness enveloping their very souls. Think of it as a class-action binky.


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