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We spend a lot of time mocking MLB Blogs, and rightfully so โ€” after all, Tommy Lasorda's involved. But every once and awhile we stumble upon actual journalism.

He was a little tardy, but former Orioles great Brooks Robinson has checked in with his take on the Rafael Palmeiro steroids controversy. We have to say we're impressed:

Needless to say, Rafael Palmeiro has disappointed all of us โ€” myself, his team, the fans and baseball in particular. Jose Canseco's book is looking better all the time. ...

Palmeiro owes the fans an explanation. Stanozolol is something you can't buy over the counter so Palmeiro's argument gets even weaker. You have to know what you put in your body. I'm getting tired of hearing people say they didn't knowingly put anything into their body. That's the weakest answer.

Sadly though, elsewhere in MLB Blogs, it's business as usual, like over at Ten of Diamonds for the Remdawg:

What the ****! You spend some time on a Saturday morning posting to the damn weblog site, and it comes out looking like Michael Jackson's face. Why doesn't a simple copy and paste function work in this thing?

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