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We've figured out where all the Tampa Bay Devil Rays fans are: England! Yep, today's hot MLB Blog is Rays From Across The Pond, a site devoted to the least-exciting baseball team, which, after all is still better than cricket. Best post:

No, the point that i wish to make is about the MLB's punishment policy. It is of course all to easy to critisize as an outsider looking in, and i recognise that the current drug-testing policy is a huge leap forward for baseball from last year even. So instead i will draw you a brief comparison with policy in football in Britain.

Last year a Manchester United player - Rio Ferdinand - was suspended for 8 months. His crime? He failed to turn up to a drug test when requested. He did take the lest at a later date, and there was no evidence found that he took (or has ever taken) any illegal substances. But the Football Association's policy is clear - that there can be no uncertaintys in any circumstances, and the punishment for any breach of the regulations must be severe.

They have football in England? Wait, he means soccer.

Rays From Across The Pond [MLB Blogs]