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Today In Soccer...

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The Premiership is taking the day off, due to some Euro 2008 qualifying games, and some other international friendlies going down. But the big story right now is Carlos Tevez moving from Brazilian club Corinthians to Premiership team West Ham. A guy like Tevez, you'd think would prefer a bigger club, likely to occupy a little higher place in the league table. Tevez says it's because he'll get more playing time with the Hammers. Sportolysis thinks it's something a little more sinister and underhanded. Interesting stuff.


England 5-0 Andorra. England continues to beat some international ass under the tutelage of Steve McClaren. I know it's just been Greece and Andorra, but they rarely killed anybody under Sven Goran-Eriksson. Credit the Andorrans for trying their hardest to cheat, though, taking some borderline tackles, and flopping like fish (or a woman, for that matter) on Latrell Sprewell's boat. Jermain Defoe and Peter Crotch scored twice each for the Brits, and Steven Gerrard got one of his own.

Scotland 6-0 Faroe Islands. Proving once again that if it's not Scottish, it's crap. That may not be entirely fair, actually... the Faroe Islands actually tied Scotland twice recently, in 1999 and 2002. No such luck today as Kris Boyd had two goals for the Scots. The Faroe Islands, in an illustration of just how bad they are, lost their opening qualifying game against Georgia, 6-0. 6-0 to freaking Georgia. Georgia