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Today In SportsCenter Fashion: Hannah's Demure, But What Is That On Josh Elliott's Neck?

In which we examine the occasionally controversial wardrobe choices on everyone's favorite morning serial. In this installment, Hannah Storm and Josh Elliott.

Hannah Storm's outfits have been the subject of mild outrage during her tenure in Bristol, but for one day at least, all the watchdogs and all the patrician enforcers of social mores can rest easy. Sporting a low-cut — but not too low — magenta cardigan, Storm's outfit says, "I'm serious about my career, but I like to unwind with some Two Buck Chuck when the clock hits five."


For the lower half of the ensemble, Storm has gone with a stylish yet sensible skirt that says, "I'm a mom, but I read Marie Claire too." Her necklace bolsters her "21st Century Woman" look.

On her feet? Simple black heels. As a result, her eponymous boot watch threat level has been reduced to yellow. But, remember, vigilance saves lives. Total Scowling Kornheisers:

Onto Mr. Elliott: An "A" for effort for the UC Santa Barbara alum, but: yowza.

Perhaps inspired by ex-Milwaukee Buck Bruce Bowen's Brother Mouzone get-up, Mr. Elliott sports a red bow tie this morning, leading Doug Gottlieb to betray his knowledge of the recent KFC grilled chicken campaign.


His suit is fine, albeit a little Mad Men-y in the lapels. It was probably more expensive than the suit that I have, which I was guaranteed to like.

Mr. Elliott shows he's willing to take risks, but at the same time seems to have forgotten that he is the co-host of a popular television program. A bow-tie is a special sort of tie and, like a bolo tie or an ascot, must be deployed sparingly and only on certain occasions: Oscar party, wedding, impersonating George Will, or marching with the Fruit of Islam. Total Scowling Kornheisers:

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