Need to make your woman realize you're not as successful or talented as Colt McCoy? Or that your proposal was inferior by comparison, her ring a dingleberry on the ass of Rachel Glandorf's? You've come to the right place.

We'll let Rachel tell this one: "I had always asked Colt to take me on the field when no one else was around and he always had excuses and said no. It was his last night in Austin, so when he told me he had to run up there to pick something up, I begged him to take me on the field."

"We got out there and the Jumbotron was lit with a Longhorn but I just thought it was lit for something else going on. Finally, when we got to the 50-yard line and he was hugging me (and really shaking!!), he said we should go since it was so cold. Then I turned around to see the Jumbotron."


Scoreboard proposals: only acceptable if you're actually an athlete.

Fucking gag me with a spoon.


Rachel says he designed it himself. Of course he did.

Standard post-proposal ritual: showing the ring off to your friends. OMIGOD!


Aw, he asked her parents for her hand first. Lovely.

Left: shit-eating grin. Right: just-hooked-herself-a-millionaire grin. Seriously, congrats to the happy couple, from this site full of bitter loners.