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Leicester 1-1 Reading. Reading has clinched promotion into the Premier League next season, for the first time in club history. See, Reading is cool.

Sunderland 0-1 Blackburn. Sunderland, because they're terrible, will be leaving the Premiership after this season. That has to suck for the fans. Imagine being an Arizona Cardinals fan and being told that your team is no longer allowed to compete in the NFL next year.

Wigan Athletic 1-2 West Ham United. Both those teams last year were in the situation Reading finds themself in now—making the jump from the Championship to the Premiership. And they're both currently in the top half of the standings, which seems kind of amazing. Is it common for newly-promoted teams to do that well?

Chelsea 2-0 Manchester City. Didier Drogba scored two goals, and one of them was even legal. City argued that Droga used his arm to control the ball before he scored. And then City captain Sylvain Distin picked up the ball and refused to give it to the referee.