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Today In The Premiership...

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Wigan 1-1 Birmingham. Birmingham plays a quality second half, earning a point against Wigan and keeping themselves out of the league's bottom three. The more I follow soccer, the more I like this relegation idea. Some American sports should really look into it.

Tottenham 2 - 1 Manchester City. City continues their downward spiral, losing their 5th straight, this one coming after their manager called them "spineless" after losing to Middlesbourgh. They did manage to find a little more spine this time out, despite the loss. Tottenham remains in 4th place in the league.


Portsmouth 2-2 Blackburn. Portsmouth battles back from a goal down on two seperate occasions to get a much-needed point. They do remain a point behind Birmingham, though, and on-track for relegation.

Sunderland vs. Fulham: Cancelled because of snow. I know what you're thinking... "Cancelled because of snow? Bunch of pussies." But really, it was a hell of a storm, the pitch was a mess, injuries were a major concern, the play was ugly (it is, after all, Sunderland), and you can't tell me that you haven't wished the NFL would've cancelled some late-season, ugly-weather games between the Browns and Ravens. But you still think they're pussies, don't you?

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