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Today In The Premiership...

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Liverpool 4-1 Arsenal. It had to be a little difficult for England coach Steve McClaren to watch Peter Crouch notch a hat trick today. Crouch missed the last two England atrocities to have surgery to fix his busted snout, so the three goals he had waiting in the chamber went towards Liverpool's effort against Arsenal today, rather than to England. Liverpool jumps into third place in the standings, leaving Arsenal in fourth, just five points ahead of Bolton.

Charlton 1-0 Wigan. The cheapest of wins for Charlton came on an 86th-minute Darren Bent penalty kick that moved Charlton just one point behind Sheffield United for relegation safety. For 85 minutes, Charlton and Wigan put on an exhibition of suck, until Charlton was saved by a weak little penalty call that went against Wigan.

Manchester United 4-1 Blackburn. Down a goal after sixty minutes of play, Manchester United finally rallied and righted the ship after Paul Scholes scored a nifty little goal in the 61st minute. From there, it was all United, and Michael Carrick, Ji-Sung Park, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer all lit up the scoreboard.


The win puts United 9 points clear of Chelsea at the top of the table for the time being. And at the moment, Chelsea's on pace to tie Watford, the worst team in the league. It's scoreless, 75 minutes in. Eat Shittu, Chelsea.

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