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Today Is The Day Craig James Gets Demolished In The Election

This is it: the polls are officially open for voting in the Republican primary for Texas's vacant Senate seat. Today is the day Craig James finds out if his gay-baiting self-funding, low-polling, hooker-murder-denying Senate campaign will bear fruit, or be all for naught. Judging from the latest numbers, which you can see above, Mr. James probably shouldn't have quit his day job.


According to the most recent polling data, collected last week, Craig James is polling 3 percent on the eve of the election. That's solidly between "Undecided" and "Other," both much worthier candidates than James. Public Polling Policy points out that their margin of error is +/-4.5 percent, so James's actual numbers once the votes are counted could be effectively zero.

The results should some in sometime after polls close at 7 p.m. local time. Plenty of time to get your champagne on ice.

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