Today Is The Day That A Reformed Ben Roethlisberger Makes A Physician's Assistant His Bride

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Last night, Mr. and (soon-to-be) Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger hosted their wedding rehearsal dinner. The groom wore yellow. The bride smiled broadly in photographs that were released to the local paper before this glorious day commenced in Pittsburgh. Here are some fun facts regarding Allegheny County's royal wedding:

Guests will be asked to show photo identification, and police officers will do ID checks at several points. The concern is that people will try to get onto the property without an invitation. [WTAE]

Police said if fans want to tailgate, they will be permitted to set up shop at a nearby parking lot. []


Several Steelers were under the impression that linebacker James Harrison — who made critical comments about the quarterback in a recent magazine profile — would be there. []

The local paper is compiling reaction to the glorious, glorious "Steeler Nation's wedding of the season." If you use the hashtag #bigbenswedding "we'll share 'em here with other updates from around the Web!"


That should go well, particularly if anybody who decided wedding tailgating is a worthwhile pursuit gets their ham-stained hooves on a smartphone.

Special day has arrived: Ben, Ashley to tie the knot [Post-Gazette]

(Photo H/T: Goldstein Photography picture from the Post-Gazette's "Roethlisberger and Harlan release photos from rehearsal dinner" story)