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#3 Villanova @ #9 Texas. The speed and skill of Villanova's four-guard line-up against the giant cornfed Texans that roam the paint in Austin.

St. Joseph's @ #19 George Washington. The classic Atlantic-10 rivalry resumes today, as Pops Mensah-Bonsu seeks to continue making Phil Martelli look miserable. Or maybe that's just how Phil Martelli looks. Yikes.

#1 Duke @ Clemson. It's a good thing that the American sports fan just can't get enough of the Duke vs. Unranked Opponent games on ESPN.

#13 Washington @ #12 UCLA. The Pac-10's top-ranked teams get together to battle each other, as well as the east coast bias.

#24 Syracuse @ Cincinnati. Syracuse's next four games: @Cincinnati, UConn, @Villanova, @Pitt. Ouch. That's a brutal stretch, particularly for a team named after fruit. They better take advantage of the Bearcats without Armein Kirkland today.