Todd Bowles Forgot To Tell Ryan Fitzpatrick He Was Benched For The Season

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After Monday’s blowout loss to the Colts, Jets head coach Todd Bowles told the media that Bryce Petty, who had come on in the third quarter for Ryan Fitzpatrick, would be the team’s starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Bowles said that he made the decision even before the game: “We could’ve won 45-0, and [Petty] was going to start the last four games.” That pronouncement, at his postgame press conference, was the first time Fitzpatrick learned he’s a backup now.

Via Pro Football Talk, Bowles admitted he plum forgot to inform Fitzpatrick, and he really appreciated Fitzpatrick taking the surprise demotion without blasting his coach for making him find out from reporters.

“I’d been meaning to talk to him and I got tied up with a few things,” Bowles said of the failure to inform Fitzpatrick.

“I probably could’ve and he tried to cover for me,” Bowles said on Tuesday. “Like I said, I had a lot on my mind and got some things off my chest, and it kind of went over the wrong way. I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”


No harm no foul (beyond another one for the LOLJets pile) since Fitzpatrick won’t be a Jet next season. But Monday’s debacle played no small part in real questions about whether Bowles will be here either.