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Todd Collins and the Early NFL Action

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The Flying Mottram Brothers over at Mister Irrelevant posted a rather odd Todd Collins tribute video they found on the U-tubes and it just happened to include a picture of the rookie card you see pictured. I mention this not for any particular reason, I just remember coming across this card many years ago. Even as an awkward 12 year-old I was quite confident in my conclusion that Todd Collins was a fucking dork. Alright, enough pointless nostalgia for now, follow after the jump for a breakdown on all of the early games that I can fit in.


Fuck you, fine me! The league told Terrance Newman that he better be on his best behavior this week after he joked about taking a shot at Jon Kitna, but apparently they didn't CC DeMarcus Ware on the memo. Ware wrapped up Kitna after a pass and attempted to make him one with the field turf. The refs called the penalty and Jon Kitna either turned the other cheek or took an eye for an eye, depending on which Bible on tape he's listening too inside of that helmet. Regardless, the Lions are putting points on the board and they've got Dallas on their heels. Miraculously, they're doing it with the running game! Kevin Jones and TJ Duckett (who is alive) have both scored. The Cowboy offense has come to life thanks to two scores from Marion Barber.Detroit 20 - 14 Dallas

Note: FanHouse has video of the hit.

There's still hope! Oh those poor fucking Dolphins. It took just two passes before John Beck was replaced by Cleo Lemon, but I don't think that's going to help matters. Buffalo is absolutely throttling Dolphins and all of that snow certainly can't be helping. Somehow Robert Royal has managed to catch two passes, each going for a touchdown. Cleo Lemon has thrown two interceptions but he did manage to complete a heave to Ted Ginn Jr. Buffalo 31 - 7 Miami

Go Sage! For some reason I've felt compelled to bet on the Texans an inordinate number of times this season. This week I was counting on a big Channukah performance from Sage Rosenfels and he is not disappointing. Houston's quarterback has completed 16 of 21 passes including two touchdowns (Johnson and Walter). Luke McCown is playing for the banged up Bucs and he's actually playing quite a bit better than his brother Josh over in Green Bay. Houston 21 - 14 Tampa Bay