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Todd Frazier Eats Pancakes Weird

Photo: Lynne Sladky (AP Photo)

Mets guy Todd Frazier had some chocolate-chip pancakes.

Screenshot: Instagram

Those are some nice-lookin’ pancakes. Then he did this to them:

Screenshot: Instagram

I can imagine a rationale for prizing the central column of a stack of pancakes: That’s where the buttery moistness is, as well as, in this case, probably the majority of the gooey chocolate chips. Nevertheless, cutting out that column from the top down and leaving a big donut-ring of uneaten pancake is pure psycho shit. Even if you’re trying to get to the middle of the stack, please, eat your way in from one side. Or, hell, cut the stack in half along the diameter and attack the central column that way. Anything but this. Anything but hacking your way down into the middle of the stack like you’re looking for the lid on the Well of Souls.

It should fill Frazier’s teammates with icy horror to know that they share a locker room with a guy who eats pancakes this way, and also to be on the Mets.


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